ennui.tv (awn-wee-tee-vee) is the premiere channel of the Ennui brand, focusing on alternative comedy. This bleeds into its audio podcasts and digital series. The digital channel is based around its weekly Ennui Talk podcast, featuring members of the Ennui Crew and guests, and the several Marty series in production. At this current time, Marty's Internet Show is the principal Marty series, following a mockumentary format that encompasses the world of Marty. The vision for the ennui.tv brand is for it, to become a leader in the alternative YouTube landscape. ennui.tv takes inspiritions from several alternative comedy and entertainment brands, such as Kinda Funny, Sugar Pine 7, Cow Chop and the Yogscast. These brands have traits that ennui.tv carry: personality-based podcasts, minimalistic comedy stylings, personality-driven live action videos, and building up said personalities to appear in series and podcasts long-term

We Are Ennui is a media and production company focused on the digital space, founded by its managing director and executive producer Matthew Winter in 2015, striving to provide a global millennial audience with quality alternative entertainment. The company is responsible for producing content for and programming the digital channels apart of its network.

EMAIL: You can use matthew@ennui.tv for press, advertising and general business inquiries.
MAILING ADDRESS: A PO Box is to be set up in the future, keep your eyes on this space.
DIRECT: Want to contact someone from Ennui directly? You can contact Matthew on Twitter or drop by on Discord and Reddit.

Matthew Winter (@matthewwwinter)
Matthew is the founder and CEO of We Are Ennui, and executive producer for ennui.tv. He is also host of Ennui Talk, and creator, producer, writer and director of Marty's Internet Show.

Hayden Clark (@hayden.codal)
Hayden is a regular co-host of Ennui Talk and co-producer of Marty's Internet Show.

Chris Hodge (@chris420hodge)
Chris is a regular co-host of Ennui Talk and consulting producer of Marty's Internet Show.

Brad Hodge (@dankpunty)
Brad is a former co-host of Ennui Talk and consulting producer and co-star of Marty's Internet Show.

RetroArcadeMonkey (@RetroArcadeMonk)
Retro is a regular co-host of Ennui Talk and serves as the narrator of Marty's Internet Show.